Good Night Charles Woodson!


Charles Woodson brought the Oakland Raiders much more than his physical strength, agility and knowledge; he brought a magic that helped to build the Raiders into a real team, one unit, no longer separations player to player. He is humble and really loves the game of football. He also loves being an Oakland Raider for just a few more years.

But now, Our team needs to get a new safety or cornerback to fill in those huge shoes left by Charles Woodson. Whoever we put in that position will have all eyes on him. Raiders are probably working on this as I type.The Raiders have everything we need to win.

Charles Woodson – well if you watch football you will know his name. This year I watched him closely. Maybe it is the woman in me but I saw him take hit after hit when his shoulder was hurt. He has a brave heart. I also watched him as he led the defensive team by example and also by watching and handling the sacks to stop the offensive.

Now I am still learning, I don’t have all of the information and just when I think I am getting a handle on something , they change the rules, the way the game is played or the coach. But, at each game a “captain” is named for the defense. I wish that we could capture Charles Woodson in his retirement and keep him working with our defense.

I will respect Woodson forever. When he was mid-field and watching – in the ready to pounce or to jump for an interception. Woodson never took his eyes away from the play. He watched other players and so many times he was there to support another Raider in stopping the offensive play. I don’t know how Woodson feels about coaching – I know he doesn’t need the money – but any team who is able to convince him to coach will be a team with a powerful defense.

I hope for happiness and good health as Woodson raises his children and enjoys his retirement. I will be sad to see him go. “Such a girl thing”.

Did you know –

Both Charles Woodson and Peyton Manning were drafted in 1998  – within the first five picks!

At the end of their college careers both Charles Woodson and Peyton Manning were competing for the Heisman Trophy and Manning lost. Woodson received the Heisman Trophy.

manningandwoodson                                 woodandman2


As of this writing we know that Charles Woodson has announced his retirement. He is excited to spend time with his two boys – Keep watching for these pint sized Woodson’s – who knows when we might see them again. Peyton Manning is out with an injury while Colorado prepares for the playoffs. No one can dispute that both of our “heroes” have suffered injuries and I respect Woodson’s decision to go out while he is on top of his game. Manning has refused to discuss his status but my group of fans all believe it is time for him to retie. I believe no man has the right to tell another man what they will live for or die for – maybe a bit extreme but as a retired school teacher I know what a transition it is to retire and to see your position filled and your team to go on as if the retired (teacher) was never much of an influence to begin with.

I don’t know what Manning’s parents are saying to him – his wife – his kids – and I don’t begin to understand the gift of playing for so long and earning so much money. I worked 33 years and held almost all positions any educator can. I would love to have retired with insurance or with more than two thousand a month. You never think retirement will be as hard as it has turned out for me…but for an NFL star – who has been given gifts from God and has the ability to retire while he can still walk – well…it is a big change but man up and make it happen for everyone’s sake. There is life after football.


Thank you Charles Woodson for your living a life to be proud of. For all of the generations watching your dedication. Football will miss you, indeed.



Raiders Khalil Mack – Amazing

Khalil Mack has become a chant at our home Raider watching….Smash Him Mack. Mack Attack…Mack Attack…Mack Attack…at which time our cat runs for the nearest closet to hide until we are done shouting at the televisions.

Mack is the first player in NFL history to be named All-Pro Best player in two positions ever – the same team – the same year – The positions were Line Backer and Defensive End.

Line Backer’s primary job is to stop the run = and to sack the quarterback…which Mack did – over and over. Mack stands right behind the defensive line where the men are bent over in a three point stance – hand down on the dirt. Mack would stand behind them and head for that SACK ATTACK!

Defensive End’s primary job it to stop the other teams run around the outside of the field. He stands on the end of the defensive line.

Congratulations Mack…stick with the Raiders- you fit right in!

Tough Gets Tough

I want the Raiders Fans to hang i there. I think that some of you are becoming disheartened. A true Raiders fan is a person who keeps going no matter what. We keep cheering. We keep inviting our friends over to watch the games – but only other Raiders fans at this point.

We yell at the television. We yell at the players. I think that the term Arm Chair Quarterback was coined by Raiders Fans. (Well, maybe not really but we do experience it.)

I am proud of how our team worked together – play calling was fabulous. We actually used other players – not only McFadden. I was taking notes and suddenly asked my husband, “Hey, is McFadden out today? I am not hearing his name at all.” My wonderful Michael said, “Watch the game he is right there.”

So, YEAH! Our coaching is getting better – we are becoming the team we will be.

See Ya!

Not another loss…but we did score!

So, Yep, Oakland Raiders lost again last Sunday.

I am so certain that the tide will change for us that I  will be placing bets on our summer visit to Reno!

Forever Hopeful!

BUT in all fairness we were playing against one of the teams that went to the SuperBowl last year. He is considered to be the best there is and WE SCORED – double digits

We are looking better and better. I hope you do not give up on cheering and hoping to hear them continue to grow and become the team we all know that they will be again.

Almost all I have right now except the Jaguars and the Eagles just finished Monday night football and the Eagles smeared them – even worse than our game – so we do have some good company but we are the lowest right now with no wins YET!


Blog – Let’s Talk Football

I love football games. I keep the Raiders game of the week saved so I can replay it in an attempt to understand what happened. I need to review some calls – penalties – or other pieces of the game that I don’t really understand. I am so excited and energized just thinking that there is a woman out there who is going to read this and will post their own thoughts. I have added people who registered on – still learning how to do all of it.

I hope you have all had the best day ever!

No More Whining – We Are Proud – We are RAIDERS

It is a sign of a true fan when people continue to support the Raiders (or team of their choice) when they are suffering a losing season. This year of 2015-16 demonstrates the Raiders Strength, agility, brains and hard work.

The Raiders seem to be a team of individuals – with great talent – but struggling to be a winning team. After Dennis Allen failed to bring winning games this season he was fired and replaced by Tony Sparano. Tony has been working with the team as an offensive coach so it was a natural slide into the job.

Before the change of the “guard” – the guard is the person who sits in the “box” above the game and tells the coahes what to epect an how to implent the nest play.

I have told you that I am a “newby” when it comes to ounerstanding why each ule ha  the Raiders calls were predictable. Every time the offense changes like from an interception, field goal, touch down or losing the ball from a fumble; the team who was playing defense becomes the team to create Every time the Raiders had possession of the ball it started with number 20, McFadden, running down the middle and making maybe one yard (typically). Then we handed off the ball to McFadden and then we gave McFadden the next ball. When a team can be so predictable we can’t win. I am one of thousands of “arm-chair coaches” that means I yell at the television and of course they don’t listen. I consider myself a rookie Raiders fan having only watched for the past ten years.

I still have so much to learn about NFL football and the Raiders in particular so if I can spot a pattern – well, duh, the other teams also spot one and the teams use our weaknesses against us. I feel like I am hard on McFadden. Maybe it has to do with our reputation of being so tough. We won Superbowls in the 1960’s. 1970’s, and 1980’s – so we took the most hits on penalties.

Today – just a few minutes ago Carr threw a long one down the sidelines and our receiver was grabbed by the Browns – his arm was actually being tugged on – a clear violation – but it was not called against the Browns.

As you learn more about the history of the Oakland Raiders you will need to know why a Raiders Fan usually feels hate toward the Patriots. It all happened in the 2001 Superbowl. One bad call lost the game for the Raiders – one bad call. That can change everything! Even the Patriots must admit that the bad call won them the game.

I am pretty sure we are not going to win this game and if I am wrong I will edit this post. One more comment for you to watch for. Every game you will see penalties from the opponents that are not called. Sometimes I count them because I need a way to feel that we had some kind of hope. Also watch for McFadden, number 20. He is a star but not the entire show. I believe that the opponents really want to crush McFadden. McFadden has been injured in the past few years and unable to play for us. I hope the new coach will spread the ball around so that when McFadden is given the ball he has a chance of making a solid run.

Enough of my comments for today. There is still a short amount of time on the clock. We are a mess…fumbling and interceptions – Carr just fumbled and with three minutes we are probably calling it a day. But we have some hope since the new coach took over. Let’s hope we stop sucking!

watching the game

Ok, I want to help you so you do not embarrass yourself while watching the game.





first down
home field advantage
play calling
coaching staff
positions – who is what and how many on field –
hair pulling? tripping?cleats?

add page called

Welcome to Raiders Women

Red Hot Raiders Fans

Did you know that all the  NFL teams are plural – Raiders is it, never only one Raider – we are Raiders!

It is the right time for you to leave the kitchen and settle in on the couch for a nice long Raiders game. Be careful because the Raiders are addicting. The more you know about the team the more you will love the team.

Getting out of the kitchen and onto the couch will be a hard move. You will see recipes on our site and you can  I choose to believe that my husband is proud of me when I start yakking and cheering and getting into discussions about the Raiders.

as he shares some of my opinions about the Raiders in public. So, decide to learn more about the team and game so you sit down with a few actual facts and with basic knowledge of the rules. I drove my husband crazy (well, I still do) asking him question after question. Paying attention to the game requires me to put down any other electronics – close the laptop and watch the game.


A thought that needs to be thought about by parents (mostly moms in regard to their boys). First, it is really important for a woman to sit down and shut up in regard to your sons participation in sports – or in school – or in many parts of life. Your are women and have no idea what it really takes to raise a boy to be a man. I know that there are a lot of families where the father is out of the picture – maybe more often than not these days – so moms go out there and watch what men say and how they act with their sons. It is really important for you to read and learn how to raise a boy to be a man. To give a boy the confidence they need to be a strong man who will in his own life be a strong father to his family.

Ok guys, here i go at you…men, you must  rise to the challenge of parenting a boy You are their role model. I don’t really understand this but if a boy is being raised by a piece of …. father who is abusive of substances (like an alcoholic) or smokes (ok it does kill 20 out of every 100 adults in the US) or any other bad habit…the boys will rise to the lowest bar. They will model your behavior. They watch their daddy’s and when they are young and everybody is saying things to him , “You look just like your dad”, or “Your dad loved math in school.” Yep, you can guess it, those are the things that your son will reach for.

So, Raiders families – step up and get with it. It is never too late to straighten up and to put your sons ahead of yourself I remember when my boy was about 13 he sat down with his dad (A RARE occurance) and he said, “Dad you care about all the wrong things. You get out there and build stuff and clean the yard and then you go for a run bu you don’t know what is really important. What is really important is me, your son. You don’t even know me. You show no love to me- you are missing out on all the good in life but you have a clean car.”

I heard this conversation and reminded myselt that I was the coach and the cheerleader for him – but he needed strong men around him to fill the gap that his father left. Sometimes a boy gets lucky and gets a great step-dad who understands what it takes to raise a boy to be a real man. What a delight it is to watch them talking about football or fishing. To see how my son feels safe and carries himself more and more like an outstanding man.

Just reverse everything I said about a woman raising her girl. Girls are daddy’s and boys’ are mommies special kids. Moms can sit back and let the dad figure out how to parent and grow the boy to a man while a mom is responsible for their girls becoming adorable sweet spirited and strong women. If you stop and think about all this you will find it to be true.

So, why do I talk about this…well here is the Football Fitting of this ideal.

Being a mother means we are supposed to watch out for our children. To watch after them at home and train them to be fun and happy productive adults while smiling and encouraging them along the way. Being a parent means we need to find the correct way to show our concern for our children  everywhere their lives lead them. I know that when I was a kid my mother was a force to be reckoned with. A mom who used whatever she had at he disposal to “get our attention” to make her point and discipline us. She never ever let on that she talked to teachers or coaches about us. That adult talk went on behind our backs  – right where it belongs.

So, as you read about taking care of your child’s health in regard to a sport or in particular Football teams – learn watch and be careful not to interfere in front of your child and never ever ever tell your child that you talked to their teacher or their coach. Let your kids believe that they are capable of taking it, taking care of it all.