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October 25, 2015 We Won! I am so excited for the Raiders to finally come up with a winning game plan. The head coach, Jack Del Rio, has worked hard. We had a bye week last week – for those of you who are new to football, a bye week is a week when we don’t play. Every team has a bye week during the season and ours was perfectly timed this year. We had enough games under our belts that Del Rio was able to make some changes. We came onto the field today with a new feeling of success. We took no prisoners and cleaned up the Chargers. Derek Carr has captured the “talking heads” attention. One of those “talking heads” even mentioned that Carr was someone with the skills to be respected. However, from all I saw and heard this morning in the pre-game discussions, nobody was willing to put their money where their mouths were. I have to wonder what kind of shakeup todays game will have on the winners of the Fantasy Football results.

I will look forward to watching the NFL channel and hearing how great The Raiders were amazing this week.

Posted August 1, 2015 Important Update on Darren McFadden. I know some of you disagreed with the decision to let go of Darren McFadden. He is now part of the Cowboys. is for sale – contact me and let’s make a deal!

McFadden is a strong skilled player in a game that tears a person’s bodies apart. He has already had a

hamstring injury – to his “good leg”. The Cowboys are hoping that McFadden will be a positive popular player for their team and had hoped he might stay healthy – the guy is really talented. The Oakland Raiders got rid of McFadden just in time! These injuries have hurt our team…we have added veterans Roy Helu, Jr. and Trent Richardson. We also added Latavius Murray  who is expected to be a starter.

s….and then on from there to win the Super Bowl. Without the deflating the “Cheatriots” wouldn’t have been in the Super Bowl to begin with.

Posted Monday, January 26, 2015 The New England Patriots (we refer to them as the cheatriots) have struct again.  Ok for you gals who are not certain how this issue changes everything for me. Maybe for the teams, certainly the league is being put to the test – honest or not? This is what happened. The game between Patriots (Cheatriots) played against Indiana Colts – 11 of 12 were deflated. Tom Brady is full of ##%^#@. i asked my dear husband who pitched Baseball in College

– I asked him if he would have noticed if the ball was changed in any way. He said absolutely. A professional quarterback in the NFL knew exactly that the balls were not their proper weight. Of course as Raiders Fans we have history with Patriots/Cheatriots. When being interviewed Tom Brady was asked, “Do you think Tom Brady Cheated?” his answer , “I don’t think so.” I think that the Cheatriots should be sent packing and the Colts be given their rightful place in the Super Bowl this year.

Let’s stand up for the truth – honesty in professional sporting events is powerful in teaching our youth that honesty being the best policy. Watch the 2002 Super Bowl – (the snow bowl) Brady Fumbled the ball and the call went out that it was an incomplete pass…changing the game so that they Chaetriots won the game.

The Commissioner for the NFL has shown they favor the Cheatriots over and over again. I am struggling with the idea that the NFL is so unethical and cowardly that they are not calling for a change and I challenge the league to at the very least to put the game back into the proper hands of the Colts and punish the Cheatreats once for their cheating ways.

It has been a long time since I challenged you to leave the kitchen and join the couch to watch the game. This SuperBowl game will be the highlight of NFL for the rest of the year at the minimum. So, please claim the most comfortable chair in the house and join in the fun watching the Cheatriots cheat their way….to losing I hope. See Ya!

Original Front page Posting Summer 2014 It is the right time for you to leave the kitchen and settle in on the couch for a nice long Raiders game. Be careful because the Raiders are addicting. The more you know about the team the more you will love the team. Why are women (at least in my world) put down or made fun of if they admit to watching Days of Our Lives. Well….if you like drama or even Law and Order – I promise you will LOVE watching the Raiders! If you give it some time you will find that all sports are surrounded with gossip. Ever hear of a player being caught on a camera in an elevator….yep, not far from Days of Our Lives only it is real and that poor woman was really hurt.

If you want to teach your children about the NFL – any team – you will find some pieces here in Raiders Women. Under the tab labeled NFL Rules you will see the rules of the game from the basics of how many people are on the team to how the team scores and wins the game. Getting out of the kitchen and onto the couch will be a hard move. You will see recipes on our site and you can  I choose to believe that my husband is proud of me when I start yakking and cheering and getting into discussions about the Raiders.

I know that it is a great day of fun when my husband sits with me to moan, complain and cheer on our favorite team. Decide right now to learn all about the NFL and to join us in cheering on the Oakland Raiders!  I drove my husband crazy (well, I still do) asking him question after question. Paying attention to the game requires me to put down any other electronics – close the laptop and watch the game.

You might want to warn your family that you are not the cook and will not be fetching any liquids for anybody else – unless they pause the game. See Ya! Raiders Beat the Bills – One More Time!!! The Bills  have not won a game played in Oakland since 1966 – I am so happy that we made it one more time! Looking forward to a fabulous future for our Raiders! Next year will be the year of the Raiders!

McFadden was already far from a roster lock, but his inability to stay on the field in even shorts and a t-shirt is likely doing major damage to his 53-man odds. Jul 30 – 3:15 PM

Posted August 1, 2015 A Quick update about the situation with Tom Brady. I will give a few highlights in my own hand and my own understanding It is very interesting to see how the deflated ball incident will conclude but for right now it looks like the Quarterback, Tom Brady will be benched for four games. The exact games have not been decided yet. Brady had his assistant destroy his cell phone and so the courts consider that to be hiding evidence and it makes him look more guilty. In my opinion Tom Brady must have known that those balls were deflated.

He held his balls all the time and they would have been inflated to the perfect amount as defined in the rule book – but “someone deflated them” If Tom Brady did not know someone was messing with his balls – well – you can make your own conclusion about that. I say Hip HIP HORRAY that the commissioner has held Tom Accountable.

The Patriots have a real reputation of being cheaters,…very lucky from reaping scores from extremely bad play calling by the referee team…so Stick it to him. He stuck it to every single team, allowed to make it to the playoff