Coaching Staff and Mark Davis, Owner

2015 Coaching Staff

We just beat San Diego! Hip Hip Horray

Looking at this years coaching staff. You can keep up with the coaching staff at this webpage.

Our head coach is Jack Del Rio and he seems to be just what we needed. The Raiders are
3-3 after tonight’s win a score of 37 / 29 over San Diego breaking a losing streak!

Del Rio is the 19th head coach for the Raiders. I did a quick count of head coaches for a few other teams.

49ers are on their 19th head coach while Seattle is on their 15th head coach. The Browns are on their 18th head coach. I was wondering if the amount of head coaches made a huge difference on a tems performance – maybe it does. All I really know is that I have trouble remembering the coaches names after awhile. I am happy with the wins we are having. I hope Del Rio keeps our team on top of their game and that we can win all the rest of our games.


Oakland Raiders Coaching Staff Highlighting Mark Davis
Keep checking this page out to learn more about our Raider Nation. I will continue to highlight players with my weekly updates. The Oakland Raiders is a team of awesome athletes who are struggling to work as one unit. When that happens we will be champions. Until that time we have a lot of work to do
Mark Davis
Mark is the majority owner and managing general partner of the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League. Mark has inherited a team with a lot of troubles. One of the biggest challenges is that he is following his father who was a strong decisive leader who had no problem firing coaches or anybody else who did not follow his directions. No matter what the past has been, Mark Davis faces a challenge to bring the Oakland Raiders back to the days of glory. The most recent gossip about the Oakland Raiders is that Mark will refuse to sign a contract to keep the Raiders playing in Oakland at the O.co stadium. Mark wants Oakland to build a new stadium – something his father had been demanding since taking the Raiders to Los Angeles in 1982 only to bring them back in 1994. No matter where the Raiders play – they will be the Raiders and our team.






Rookie Quarterback Derek Carr
Derek Carr is the first rookie quarterback to play as the starting Quarterback. The Raiders are known for doing the unexpected. This season has already had its ups and downs. Rookie Quarterback Derek Carr is showing up and taking no prisoners. He has a great arm and is able to throw the ball downfield.
So, what does Derek Carr have to say about his own path to the NFL? He was not sent to any special quarterback camps. He speaks only of the coaching he received from his father and his brother, David Carr.  Their father, Roger Carr was also a player in the NFL. He was a wide receiver and had a very successful career which included being named for the pro-bowl in 1976 when he had a particularly good year.
It is easy to see how Derek Carr came in and was ready to play the first game. He appears humble and appreciative to his family for his success. It makes me think that he is who he is because he did not go to the same training camps as all the other young players – he was coached by real NFL players. Carr might be the final shining star we have looked for. I hope the Raiders are going to keep Carr and let him continue to develop and lead the Raiders
Just Win Baby!
(Al Davis said, “Just Win Baby” and believed that Raiders were to win at any cost! Making the Oakland Raiders the most exciting team in the NFL.)



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