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Honestly for the Raiders to win a game we have to beat the other team AND beat the referees!

In today’s game there were two calls that were “game changers” – They grabbed our receiver’s face mask and allowed the Steelers to “stop” our completed pass. The other majorly bad call was earlier in the game when they called the Steelers a completed pass when the replay clearly showed he had his foot out of bounds across the line. I think the ref’s must be betting on the games or something. There are plenty of them to spot – or review these passes. To blatantly miss a face-mask…oh come on!

We are watching the game late – taped – and it is third quarter with tied score 21 – 21. We have fumbled a couple times and giving away the ball. We intercepted one and within a couple plays we fumbled and they seem to be walking all over us. Their punter is not nearly as skilled as King – but even starting us with a good field position seems to be stopping us.

We are playing against Heyward-Bey who never seemed to be able to catch and hold onto the ball when he was a Raider and now we have Murry who has fumbled and missed catches all day long. He is in the locker room having his head examined – maybe he should stay in the locker room and just leave the team to make Raiders Magic happen Live to play another day.

You know this makes me think about our game of football in comparison to the major league baseball system. In major league baseball the team substitutes (changes) the pitcher if they are having an off day. I know the players want to play, but to be substituted is common place and not any indicator of being less…just maybe a bad day or maybe the other team is able to read his pitches – whatever. So….that leads me to the idea that in football we have the opportunity to change out our quarterback with another man if we are havin g a bad day.

Pittsburg is trouncing us – another fumble- landed them at first and goal – we have 12 minutes to the game…

Score is now 21 (Raiders) 35 (Steelers) Yikes with only 11 minutes left we need a miracle to change the outcome of this game. I wonder who is going to explain to our tacklers that they need to pound the arms of their receivers so that they fumble. Steelers are obviously practicing to injure and steel the ball whenever they can….come on Raiders you can still win.

Just like that we scored a Touchdown and are back in the game!

Score is now 28 (Raiders) 35 (Steelers)

We need two scores to win – and we need to eliminate the Steelers – stop them right now! Sooo we know that the Steelers Receiver – Brown is on top of his game. Yet,I just watched four of our men cklesallow him to make a catch…then we flopped again – Woodson is our best defensive player and he is playing with a badly injured shoulder. Earlier the Steelers were running toward a touchdown and Woodson ran across the field and was the one to make the tackle – our younger healthy men were chasing him and not winning.

I’ll be back at the end of the game. We gave up another possession – what is wrong with our men holding onto the ball. The Steelers defense is winning the game for them. Roethlisberger went out after a tackle leaving his foot injured – thinking that we had a chance of winning seems to be within our grasp – tied 35/35 with One minute left in the game…can we stop the Steelers? Will the game to into overtime?

Another missed call when our receiver was out of bounds and was tackled anyway – if the Raiders had done that we would be called out…but the Ref’s spend so much time watching us for mistakes they are missing all of the Steelers! Shame on them!

Well folks…we didn’t pull it out – Steelers scored a field goal and took the game.

I will tell you this

Brown played and won the game – Raiders defense was weak, hardly able to make a tackle. Ridiculious

Listen and Hear

The Referees won the game for the Steelers. I am sick and tired of the Referre’s terrible calls. I want to have them replaced – how about them bringing back the “scab” Ref’s from when the ref’s went on strike…at least those ref’s played fairly.


Oh, for anybody interested I am selling McFaddenFanClub page. Highest offer wins – and you might be the only offer. LOL


Raiders Women 2015

October 25, 2015
We have seen a new team this year. The coaching staff did a great job of hiring experienced players who have been able to support our younger players. Playing as a unit, a team, is the reason we have turned around our ability to score. I am so excited to watch every game to see how well we are playing. Even though we have a record of three wins and three losses we can say that we have been in the games – close games and have “almost won” in the games we have lost.

I can hardly contain my excitement and hope that we will take control of every upcoming game and be able to make it to the playoffs. Today the “talking heads” predicted that the Raider’s would lose – they were surprised! I have only heard one comment and that was “The Chargers didn’t show up for the game until the second half and the Raider’s were Great!” I agree with the second part at least.

I have read lots of emails and we have a following now of thousands of female (maybe even male) Raiders Fans. I would love to see some recipes for bbq and salads and other yummy food that you are all cooking up during the tailgating parties.

Theoretically the idea of this last kick is that the field goal attempt will be harder the closer the kicker is standing. -But, he made it – this kicker kicked balls high and he scored the last three points. With 2 seconds on the clock the Steelers have to kick to the Raiders – with two seconds remaining on the clock. We have only one chance to win – to outrun – OMG they tried to laterally pass the ball behind them…it’s over team!

We are now 4-4 but still in the running for the wild card in playoffs.

TaTa for now,

Novermber 2, 2014

A special hello to my mother and her friends who were in town today playing Duplicate Bridge. I have always been so proud of mom and learned my love for winning from her. Without my mother’s influence and competitive streak I would not be as passionate about the Oakland Raiders. Great to see you today!

Sally’s Take on Raiders Game 11/2/2014
Great to share with you – and looking forward to your blogs in reply.

Today I could hardly wait to put on my Jerry Rice Jersey – one of my favorite gray jerseys, a pair of blue jeans – finally cool enough to cover up and head to Win River Casino where a few other Raiders fans would meet with us to share the game. Today is the third game with our new coach, Tony Sparano. In my opinion the Raiders had a chance to win. With Tony Sparano as our coach we have already seen success and are becoming a “force to be feared”. Raiders are being watched more closely and with Tony’s guidance the team has shown a glimmer of hope.

However, after watching today’s game I have a few feelings I must share.

Most importantly – Tony, a message to you and your leadership – I am very tired of being able to predict the plays before you call them. I know you will never admit that the calls are coming from some other people in a box high above the sidelines – but I am seeing too many similarities between today’s game and any other game from the past five years. This is how today seemed to me.

First down and ten….hand off to McFadden who runs UP THE MIDDLE no matter the coverage and is crushed and makes maybe three yards.

Second down and eight – hand off to McFadden who runs up the middle and is pushed back making no headway and maybe losing a yard or two.

Third down and ten – hand off the ball to McFadden who runs around the side and is crushed before we make the first down – or maybe we do a small pass to McFadden – who is still well inside the needed ten yards – who is crushed and we make no headway.

Now, mind you I am a 57 year old woman with a good ten years of experience watching and learning the ins and outs of the NFL. I am getting more and more opinionated and sometimes I am dead wrong about what is or will be happening on the field. I bother people around me to explain what I am seeing. I usually spend some time on Monday to replay the game and rewind pieces so I understand the calls being made and the consequences.

Today I did see some new things. I saw McFadden making a few first downs!!! Hip Hip Horray. But, the play calling was taking a huge step backward as the game wore on.Once again the team might be renamed “The McFadden Team”. I am certainly not an expert about the game of football so when I can predict what the next play will be – I promise you that the Seagulls were watching for it.

I want The Oakland Raiders to be a winning team. I wear my Raiders clothing in pride. I drive my Honda Hybrid with my Raiders seat covers with pride. We have painted our house Raider Gray with Black trim – and we will always love you. Even if you leave the bay area and head to Los Angeles- I will hate that to happen, I want you to be the Oakland Raiders but I know that it is the “almight buck” that decides such things.

So, yep we lost today – again. BUT we were in the game. Let’s evaluate that statement. Raiders were in the game up to the final on-side-kick which we were unable to use to regain the football to make just one more touchdown.

For those of you who were not watching or are still learning how to watch, I am going to do my best to explain today’s games, strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Our offense (That is when we are in possession of the ball) our Quarterback, Derek Carr started by moving the ball down the field gaining enough ground to result in setting up Janikowski (Our All Star Kicker – he has stuck with the Raiders for years and has won many games for us. I just love Janikowski!) to make the first 48 yard field goal – We scored first and put three points on the board. I watched for great play calling – watched for how many players were going to be given a chance to carry the ball to victory. In the last three games, with our new coach, we had begun to score and to fight for our place in NFL standing. Before each game I start with a prayer then hold my breath knowing that the Raiders have what it takes to be champions.


When I look at our roster – player after player – all star ability, fast, solid athletes I have such hope. But for some reason we stopped making progress with our offensive line – Carr was protected pretty well, he seemed hesitant on each pass waiting a little too long and then tossing the ball right into the Seahawks hands or running for his life – or darned it…let’s just keep giving it to McFadden.

I want you to know I believe that Derek Carr is special and comes to us with specialized training that is unlike any of the other NFL Quarterbacks. That is one of the assets Carr brings to the field. Carr is expected to be successful and has specialized help every single day to help him improve, his brother and his father. (see Carr’s highlight on He has what it takes to be a winner. We signed Schaub as a quarterback this year. He had experience, one great year followed by two bad years playing for the Texans. We have him sitting on the sidelines to fill in when or if Carr can’t play. Carr earned the spot of starting quarterback (QB) and I like him and believe in his future with the Raiders .

COME ON GUYS Coaches, Owners, whoever is calling the plays. If you do not let Carr and our offensive TEAM play different players we will stink up the NFL.

YOU must stop using McFadden for every play. That past practice is exactly why McFadden is injured every year. The NFL acknowledges McFadden’s skill, his speed and his ability to move the ball….how can I be one of the few people who are figuring this out? Is there a secret contract that says we much use McFadden on every play? When plays are predictable –you put our wins and our players at risk, so stop doing it.





Do what Raiders have done for decades – use our wits, out smart the defenders, be tricky and sneaky –be fun to watch.


No more blaming Al Davis – yeah, he did hang on a bit longer than was prudent but he is gone. Let the new team get the job done! Keep the best of Al Davis and work to make it better. Keep Al Davis’s wisdom and his ability to believe in people – but do it better. (AND never ever ever draft someone who refuses the millions we offer – yep, never draft Jarmacus Russell – he stunk!) Kick the wrong people to the curb.

When so many passes are intercepted – change what you are doing.


I felt like I was watching a bunch of old granny’s running to stop the guy with the ball, jumping in the air, hitting them on our way to the ground and instead of stopping them, we seem to speed them up.


So, today we seemed to take a huge step backward


And I hope I am able to just brag and continue to feel like we are winners. Let’s watch some tape and make every player discover their strengths. Let’s open the playbook and take input from our leaders both offensively and defensively.



Maybe you can find a farmer, Grease up his pigs and practice taking them to the ground because that is kind of what it looks like from my side of the couch. You look ridiculous chasing a man, jumping in mid air and completely missing your mark.

So, Stop Doing It Wrong and embarrassing me, please.


Remember what it feels like to take someone down. Remember what it feels like to score a touchdown. Maybe ask Janikowski how he feels when he kicks a field goal. He knows how great it feels to succeed.


Maybe the Raiders should team up with a motivational speaker or maybe an articulate fan who believes in the Raiders. Maybe a fan who can motivate minute by minute, play by play. There has to be something and/or somebody who can help this group of fabulous athletes become a winning team.


Our beloved Raiders it is time to stop giving up. Stop that deep sigh and shrugging off the losses. Stop being so accustomed to losing.


Draw strength from all of your fans. Smile, Remember how much fun the game is. Love the game. You never work a day in your life if you love what you do! So, Just Do IT!


Phew, I am so exhausted now.


Every week I will focus on one player and his position so you will all learn more about this wonderful team and the sport.


Today I want to discuss the Cornerback (CB) – not the Quarterback, but Cornerback.  As most of you know the Quarterback, (QB) is the leader of the offensive squad. Whenever a team has possession of the ball the QB is the leader. We have possession of the ball and the QB runs, passes, hands off and calls plays. The QB is in communication with the coaches and leads us to victory. For now that is Derek Carr. I have a brief bio on Carr that you might find interesting to read.


I want to introduce you to DJ Hayden – one of our elite Corner Backs (CB or Corner) a defensive leader. Today he had a very good game.


Vital Statistics
Birthdate 4/27/1990 (today he is 25 years old)

5’11” and 190 pounds

He went to school in Houston

He was the number 12 overall pick in 2013 – when you see the contract I am listing (parts of it anyway) you will see how important a cornerback is…and being the 12th pick means that when the hundreds of men are lined up to be drafted he was number 12…pretty high praise to be such a high draftpick.


Today he was put in to pay the entire game


I think that this is the first actual contract negotiations I have read and have posted. I will be looking for the contracts for McFadden, Carr and any other players I highlight on


7/25/2013: Signed a four-year, $10.28 million contract. The deal contains $8.048 million guaranteed, including a $5.88 million signing bonus. 2014: $495,000 (+ $379,000 reporting bonus), 2015: $585,000 (+ $758,000 reporting bonus), 2016: $675,000 (+ $1.1 million reporting bonus), 2017: Club Option, 2018: Free Agent


JD Hayden was drafted to the Oakland Raiders in the

2013 draft. The man beside him is Reggie McKenzie .the general manager of the OaklandRaiders


  1. offense got sloppy. Interceptions were made – and when the Seahawks intercepted they our ran out defense


Today the Oakland Raiders relied heavily on our Corners to control the score. Today I want to focus on the Cornerback (CB) position and DJ Hayden in particular. He had a good day today even with our loss to Seattle. Keep your eye on him as he progresses and lets all pray for him to remain uninjured.


First, what is a Cornerback (CB or Corner) and what are they expected to do.

The CBs responsibility is to lead the defense against the offense. The game has no particular rule about where the CB will stand in the defensive formation.. They can be anywhere on the defensive side of the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped into play.  All defensive strategy falls into the idea of man-on-man or zone defense. Those are pretty easy to understand. I find it funny how hard we work to teach our youngsters to stay in their position, stay in your zone, work as a team. UNTIL they play football, Then you start in your zone or with your player but pretty much all of you see the ball and run as fast as you can to pounce on it, pulling it away from the opponents and honestly boys love the piling on top of one another.


A successful corner is sometimes called a shutdown corner – when they do not allow a receiver to catch the pass – sometimes intercepting the ball running the ball back, even to touchdown! The QB will spot a shutdown corner and avoid passing to that part of the field. This can be just what a team needs to make the interception and change which team controls the ball.


A Cornerback is as special to the team as their Quarterback (CB and QB). It is easier for me to remember if I picture the offensive – QB who is in a safe pocket and throws, runs or hands off the ball going for a score. Eventually the Offensive squad moves off the field and the Defensive squad enters the field. When that happens the team now has TWO premier players whose primary job is to stop the other team from moving the ball forward. Their secondary job is to grab it away from the other team and run it themselves right to the end zone for a touchdown.


The Raiders offense had trouble keeping the ball and running it to a touchdown. We had interceptions – and it was the other teams Corner who would most likely make that interception and run for a touchdown.


Are you getting the idea? So, without our defense today we might have been humiliated. As it was we lost but went down fighting to the very end.





Raiderwomen copied text oct 3.

Raiders Women

Welcome To I have suffered the most horrible technical difficulty which resulted in the loss my hard work (entire website, boohoo). I am still hoping that I will be blessed to find it all. The good news is that I will be able to begin again and have a much better site. So, I look forward to your input on the blog or by email.  Watch for the Blog Site and I will also have a place where you can share your favorite game day dishes – remembering to get us out of the kitchen and onto the couch.

Getting out of the kitchen and onto the couch will be a hard move. I choose to believe that he is proud as he shares some of my opinions about the Raiders in public. So, decide to learn more about the team and game so you sit down with a few actual facts and with basic knowledge of the rules. I drove my husband crazy (well, I still do) asking him question after question. Paying attention to the game requires me to put down any other electronics – close the laptop and watch the game.

Going to a Raiders Games!  (Guess What – All Football Teams are plural – Raiders not Raider – just so you know.)

On my page Going to a Raiders Games!  please read my Attending Raiders Games. Welcome to the Oakland Raiders – a very brief set of facts that will impress everybody when you are watching the next game.

  • Founded in 1960
  • An American football team based in Oakland, California
  • Ten years Oakland Raiders were in a different league called the American Football League (AFL)
  • Member of the National Football League since 1970 when NFL and AFL merged and the AFL vanished – This is significant so if you are interested in “why” please read the page about Al David – owner, coach and a whole lot more for the Oakland Raiders.
  • As of 2013, the Raiders belong to the West division of the American Football Conference (Again you will want to read the page that explains the way the football teams are organized
  • The Raiders Nation has thrived for 45 years with some great successes!
  •  The Raiders have won SuperBowl’s and have been the team most feared.

Official Oakland Raiders Website Ticket Purchasing Site

Purchasing Oakland Raiders Tickets at NFL Ticket Exchange

Two places to purchase NFL tickets – avoid any other way of purchasing tickets unless it is from someone you actually know. If you purchase a ticket that is “forged” you will be out the cost of the ticket and might not be able to watch the game. There will be people standing around trying to “scalp” ticket but I just don’t trust them.

Official Oakland Raiders Website


Basic Rules of the NFL

I want all women to understand the basics of the NFL. It really does matter…now we will hope I get it right.

  1. The field is 100 yards from end to end and 60 yards from side to side. The field is marked with white lines from side to side.
  2. When you watch football on television you will see colored lines (red indicates where the ball is being placed to play (the scrimmage line.) The word scrimmage simply means that the game is on. The scrimmage line is placed where the ball was at the end of the previous play. The line is very helpful.

Each time the team takes possession of the ball the yellow line will be drawn to make an “imaginary” to show where the ball will cross after ten yrds have been achieved.

When the team takes possession of the ball, their offensive will be out on the field.

Offense means that they have control of the ball. The quarterback will be out in the middle of the field and behind the center (the guy who bends over and hikes the ball between his legs to the quarterback). The quarterback “calls the play” but most of the time the play call is really decided by the coaches. The quarterback has a microphone and earpiece. The earpiece is turned off when the play is happening but the sound is left on so that the coach can hear what is happening.

The simple goal of the team is to score by moving the ball into the end zone. Making a touchdown.

Home Field Advantage: The Raiders field is unique as it is used for both the Oakland Raiders and the Oakland Athletics (A’s) baseball team. All of the other teams have a field that is only grass and they have a specific area for the bleachers. During baseball season the field is a mix of grass and dirt.



and the yellow line is placed to show the viewers where the ten yard line is for that play. The red line does not move until it is passed – then there will be a new red and yellow line.


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