Good Night Charles Woodson!


Charles Woodson brought the Oakland Raiders much more than his physical strength, agility and knowledge; he brought a magic that helped to build the Raiders into a real team, one unit, no longer separations player to player. He is humble and really loves the game of football. He also loves being an Oakland Raider for just a few more years.

But now, Our team needs to get a new safety or cornerback to fill in those huge shoes left by Charles Woodson. Whoever we put in that position will have all eyes on him. Raiders are probably working on this as I type.The Raiders have everything we need to win.

Charles Woodson – well if you watch football you will know his name. This year I watched him closely. Maybe it is the woman in me but I saw him take hit after hit when his shoulder was hurt. He has a brave heart. I also watched him as he led the defensive team by example and also by watching and handling the sacks to stop the offensive.

Now I am still learning, I don’t have all of the information and just when I think I am getting a handle on something , they change the rules, the way the game is played or the coach. But, at each game a “captain” is named for the defense. I wish that we could capture Charles Woodson in his retirement and keep him working with our defense.

I will respect Woodson forever. When he was mid-field and watching – in the ready to pounce or to jump for an interception. Woodson never took his eyes away from the play. He watched other players and so many times he was there to support another Raider in stopping the offensive play. I don’t know how Woodson feels about coaching – I know he doesn’t need the money – but any team who is able to convince him to coach will be a team with a powerful defense.

I hope for happiness and good health as Woodson raises his children and enjoys his retirement. I will be sad to see him go. “Such a girl thing”.

Did you know –

Both Charles Woodson and Peyton Manning were drafted in 1998  – within the first five picks!

At the end of their college careers both Charles Woodson and Peyton Manning were competing for the Heisman Trophy and Manning lost. Woodson received the Heisman Trophy.

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As of this writing we know that Charles Woodson has announced his retirement. He is excited to spend time with his two boys – Keep watching for these pint sized Woodson’s – who knows when we might see them again. Peyton Manning is out with an injury while Colorado prepares for the playoffs. No one can dispute that both of our “heroes” have suffered injuries and I respect Woodson’s decision to go out while he is on top of his game. Manning has refused to discuss his status but my group of fans all believe it is time for him to retie. I believe no man has the right to tell another man what they will live for or die for – maybe a bit extreme but as a retired school teacher I know what a transition it is to retire and to see your position filled and your team to go on as if the retired (teacher) was never much of an influence to begin with.

I don’t know what Manning’s parents are saying to him – his wife – his kids – and I don’t begin to understand the gift of playing for so long and earning so much money. I worked 33 years and held almost all positions any educator can. I would love to have retired with insurance or with more than two thousand a month. You never think retirement will be as hard as it has turned out for me…but for an NFL star – who has been given gifts from God and has the ability to retire while he can still walk – well…it is a big change but man up and make it happen for everyone’s sake. There is life after football.


Thank you Charles Woodson for your living a life to be proud of. For all of the generations watching your dedication. Football will miss you, indeed.



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