Keeping Score

Welcome to the National Football League (NFL) Scoring guide.

New Points – but I dont know if I will be perfectly correct, I hope someone will blog to correct me if I get this wrong.

Ok, so if the other team is backed up in our end zone and the Raiders gain possession of the football (like if we get it when it is a fumble from the other team in our end zone) we get two points…I think…it is new.

New Overtime rules: Flip the coin to start like they do to start any game.

If the first team scores a touchdown they win if the first doesn’t score or kicks for three points, the other team gets the chance to score. After each team had had possession of the ball the high score wins…I think they call it a tie in regular season if the two possessions end the game with no score.

1. Highest Score Wins
2. Lowest Score Looses
3. Touchdown is 6 points Every touchdown is reviewed before accepted. Then the team can either kick the ball for One extra point *that is the choice taken most often”. Or they can run the ball into the end zone for a chance for two points. That one extra point can be a real game changer.
4. Field Goal is when the team is on the fourth down and is close enough to kick the ball through the goal poles in the end zone.  Sebastian Janikowski has been my favorite forever. I call him Cow and my husband says…everybody calls him Sebass….well that is ridiculous LOL.

well now you know a little about scoring. Good Luck figuring it all out at the time.


Sally – looking for someone to help me get this page right…so come on, blog/comment.

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