No More Whining – We Are Proud – We are RAIDERS

It is a sign of a true fan when people continue to support the Raiders (or team of their choice) when they are suffering a losing season. This year of 2015-16 demonstrates the Raiders Strength, agility, brains and hard work.

The Raiders seem to be a team of individuals – with great talent – but struggling to be a winning team. After Dennis Allen failed to bring winning games this season he was fired and replaced by Tony Sparano. Tony has been working with the team as an offensive coach so it was a natural slide into the job.

Before the change of the “guard” – the guard is the person who sits in the “box” above the game and tells the coahes what to epect an how to implent the nest play.

I have told you that I am a “newby” when it comes to ounerstanding why each ule ha  the Raiders calls were predictable. Every time the offense changes like from an interception, field goal, touch down or losing the ball from a fumble; the team who was playing defense becomes the team to create Every time the Raiders had possession of the ball it started with number 20, McFadden, running down the middle and making maybe one yard (typically). Then we handed off the ball to McFadden and then we gave McFadden the next ball. When a team can be so predictable we can’t win. I am one of thousands of “arm-chair coaches” that means I yell at the television and of course they don’t listen. I consider myself a rookie Raiders fan having only watched for the past ten years.

I still have so much to learn about NFL football and the Raiders in particular so if I can spot a pattern – well, duh, the other teams also spot one and the teams use our weaknesses against us. I feel like I am hard on McFadden. Maybe it has to do with our reputation of being so tough. We won Superbowls in the 1960’s. 1970’s, and 1980’s – so we took the most hits on penalties.

Today – just a few minutes ago Carr threw a long one down the sidelines and our receiver was grabbed by the Browns – his arm was actually being tugged on – a clear violation – but it was not called against the Browns.

As you learn more about the history of the Oakland Raiders you will need to know why a Raiders Fan usually feels hate toward the Patriots. It all happened in the 2001 Superbowl. One bad call lost the game for the Raiders – one bad call. That can change everything! Even the Patriots must admit that the bad call won them the game.

I am pretty sure we are not going to win this game and if I am wrong I will edit this post. One more comment for you to watch for. Every game you will see penalties from the opponents that are not called. Sometimes I count them because I need a way to feel that we had some kind of hope. Also watch for McFadden, number 20. He is a star but not the entire show. I believe that the opponents really want to crush McFadden. McFadden has been injured in the past few years and unable to play for us. I hope the new coach will spread the ball around so that when McFadden is given the ball he has a chance of making a solid run.

Enough of my comments for today. There is still a short amount of time on the clock. We are a mess…fumbling and interceptions – Carr just fumbled and with three minutes we are probably calling it a day. But we have some hope since the new coach took over. Let’s hope we stop sucking!

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