Raiders Khalil Mack – Amazing

Khalil Mack has become a chant at our home Raider watching….Smash Him Mack. Mack Attack…Mack Attack…Mack Attack…at which time our cat runs for the nearest closet to hide until we are done shouting at the televisions.

Mack is the first player in NFL history to be named All-Pro Best player in two positions ever – the same team – the same year – The positions were Line Backer and Defensive End.

Line Backer’s primary job is to stop the run = and to sack the quarterback…which Mack did – over and over. Mack stands right behind the defensive line where the men are bent over in a three point stance – hand down on the dirt. Mack would stand behind them and head for that SACK ATTACK!

Defensive End’s primary job it to stop the other teams run around the outside of the field. He stands on the end of the defensive line.

Congratulations Mack…stick with the Raiders- you fit right in!

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