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raiderbanner I want to create a space online where women can express their emotions, comments, questions, pictures and blog about The Oakland Raiders. I want to be a safe place for kids to learn about the game…even if they do not share my passion for the Raiders. I hope men with knowledge will gently guide us and correct me if I get it wrong – or simply post with us. 

The Raiders are a team with attitude. The first game I attended I was sitting beside two men in full costume, one was Batman and the other was Chewy from Star Wars. We were not having a very good season but we were winning that game. I have attended many games now with my husband and every time I wear his dads jacket from the 70’s we win!

Help this site to be a place where you can come and comment and converse with one another.



I am a retired educator from California. After 33 years working with families in Northern California I have “seen it all”. One of the reasons I am spending time working on this website is because there are simply too many of us out there who are still learning how to watch Football. What all the calls and rules mean. And we also need a place to cheer on our teams.


I want The Raiders to stay in Oakland. We were at the last home game in which Charles Woodson played. I held my little banner I was surrounded by people holding signs that said

Keep Oakland Raiders In Oakland

The stadium was full and the fans were excited. We had a very tough game – especially wanting the Woodson’s last game be a winning game.

If you take a look at the listed pages for this website you will find that some are specific to the Oakland Raiders while others are specific to NFL Football. 

Families who are involved with each other are happier and stronger. Bringing the entire family into the game of football is so important as this is the game of the Americans. I hope that the men, women and children will all find a place of interest here on


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    I want to give everybody a place to comment about football. I still need to look at it before it is posted so that we can keep a positive place to hang out. I am asking for a current email address and a name (hoping you will use only your own name). I really want you to have fun, add content, correct any rules I might have written that are wrong. I am still learning and will look at all of my readers to keep me going. Thanks Sally

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