Tough Gets Tough

I want the Raiders Fans to hang i there. I think that some of you are becoming disheartened. A true Raiders fan is a person who keeps going no matter what. We keep cheering. We keep inviting our friends over to watch the games – but only other Raiders fans at this point.

We yell at the television. We yell at the players. I think that the term Arm Chair Quarterback was coined by Raiders Fans. (Well, maybe not really but we do experience it.)

I am proud of how our team worked together – play calling was fabulous. We actually used other players – not only McFadden. I was taking notes and suddenly asked my husband, “Hey, is McFadden out today? I am not hearing his name at all.” My wonderful Michael said, “Watch the game he is right there.”

So, YEAH! Our coaching is getting better – we are becoming the team we will be.

See Ya!

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